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Project Name: Online Ad Clicking Jobs | Status: Active!

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  1. Slot Booking: If you want to Start Free Ad Clicking Jobs Projects with JobsStart.COM, Please book Projects Slot First.
  2. Training: Once You book your projects slot we will prepare your Work and Software for downloads.  Its take3-4 days, Meanwhile Complete the Training.
  3. Downloads: Within Next 3-4 Days you will receive an Email that content Token ID. You can use this Token ID to download your Projects work files and required Software.
  4. Reporting: You can use Reporting Tools from JobsStart.COM to Send your Work report.
  5. Payment: Once you send your report. Go to Payment Option under your JobsStart Dashboard and Update your Payment Method.
  6. All Done! Now you will start Receiving Payment from JobsStart.COM

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