Offline/Online Copy Paste Jobs in India Work from Home in Free without Investment

If you like to earn money online with non-technical knowledge, you probably looking for simple copy paste jobs.

Copy paste job is, in my opinion, and that of many others, the best genuine online jobs without a registration fee.

That said, I have a big news about India’s most popular online copy paste:

  • It’s about getting the ultimate & easy jobs in (CYBER EXPO)
  • Most simple Google online job, Just need copy and paste skills in term of computer knowledge.
  • No Registration fees, No investment. Get yourself registered for Free.
  • Awesome work validity: CYBER EXPO offers you to work up to 24 months with Auto-renewal.
  • Earn money up to Rs-7.00 INR on each copy paste data entry form submission.
  • We offer copy paste job daily payment.
  • Daily you are allowed to work 100-200 data entry forms.
  • CYBER EXPO –AdPostJob4u.COM is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified.
  • We make online jobs 100% Risk-Free! Let’s protect your online membership in CYBER EXPO with Risk-Free court paper agreement. Its bracketed with the protection of all type of online fraud.
  • Instant payment proof and legal document checking: Send us an email to, that you want to check out latest members payment proof and legal documents.
  • Never delay in payment. We make instant IMPS payment to your registered bank account.

Wait there is More,

First time in India, Team CYBER EXPO introduce Online Article Copy Paste jobs.

Since there is a dozen of part-time copy paste jobs abatable in India, but when you try to earn money you can notice that getting paid is painful and sometimes less than your effort.

So, not to mention, we offer Online Article Copy Paste jobs without any registration fees that worth your work time and the return of earning comparing to spend time.

Plan & Pricing:

[pricingtable id=”214931″]

copy-paste-jobs-work-in-free trusted online copy paste jobs

Is it compulsory to pay the Registration fees?

Nope! Not at all, In CYBER EXPO we believe that getting a work from home job should be easy on the internet and free of cost. So all our internet jobs are without any investment.

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For other plans like DELUXE & ECONOMY, we are charging due to the following reason! The reason for collecting the Registration fees is for Consultancy Charge, Online Training, Account activation, Account maintenance, Online Support a complete support like phone support, chat support, email support and also for cross-checking the reports submitted by the members every month and collection expenses to collect payment from the client by our executives.

And Again Please be noted-

Note:- It is not to be mistaken with dubious fly-by-night operators, or any Get Rich Quick Scheme. Neither is it a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), Matrix, nor any Pyramid Program.

What is Online Article Copy Paste job?

Instead of calling it article copy paste jobs you can call this awesome jobs as article spinning jobs. It’s a part of off page SEO work. There is thousand of SEO company nowadays in India. So they need a lot of Unique article in order to post on social sites, directly submission sits or article/guest posting site. So the hack is!

SEO company gives one article and our article copy paste workers make multiple articles from the same article using article spinning software.

Note for websites owner: If you are buying any article spinning service, or any software then, use it, at your own risk. Google might penalize your website.

Why should you always register for CYBER EXPO Copy Paste jobs?

Finding copy paste jobs from home for free is not an easy task. You can see on Google search “About 48,40,000 results” but most of them are so-called…

  • Either, asked hug registration fees. (High Risk)
  • Or just a blog post on copy paste work review. (No Job offer)
  • Some of the websites make you scammed by providing Ad Posting or Form Filling jobs in the name of copy paste work. (Beware)

Join, we offer Genuine copy and pasting work.

We did not charge any upfront registration fees for job package or software.

online-home-jobs-without-investment-or-registration-fee-are-offered-here free copy paste jobs online free registration

How to registered in CYBER EXPO’s offline copy paste work from home without investment?

Get Started Requirement:

  1. Any Desktop or laptop PC.
  2. OS- Windows.
  3. You can’t do this jobs offline, So its Required Internet connection.
  4. MS Word and Notepad.
  5. First of all, you supposed to register yourself for full time/part time copy paste work from here.
  6. Next, You will be redirected to new simple copy paste jobs application form page.
  7. Fill the out form carefully and remember, providing bank account details is optional. And again we use your basic bank account information for making your payment only.
  8. Now, you will receive an email update to your registered email address. In order to do online copy paste work at home. You have to follow two simple steps.
  9. Step1: Make sure to subscribe to CYBER EXPO Copy Paste Jobs Prime membership.
  10. Step2: Go through social media contribute pages and share us on social media.
  11. That’s the finished of copy paste online part time jobs in CYBER EXPO.
  12. Now, Sit back a relax. Its make takes 10-15 days to receive your member area access.
  13. Once you received your member area access. You are good to make money online doing copy paste work.

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How to work on CYBER EXPO Copy Paste jobs?

1. Simple Copy pasting work:

This type of copy paste jobs is one of the most common and easy work. Once you login to your member area, you can able to see dashboard option.

Now click on start work and a copy the data exactly same and paste it into the required field as per instruction.

Its take 3-5 minutes to fill out a complete form.

Next, Click on submit work button, and it’s done.

2. Article Copy Paste Jobs:

There nothing extra work on Article Copy Paste Jobs instead article spinning. First of all, you have to download all the text article (MS Word format) from your member area dashboard.

Now, use any of free article spinning tools from the internet to spin the content.

You can make up to 10 replicas of a single article.

Don’t worry!

There is night technical on making article spinning. First of all, copy the entire article and paste it on article spinning websites or software.

Now, click spin option and within few minutes you can create multiple replicas of the same article.

Haaa! That’s it.

Now save each of the replicas with the new file name. And of course, you can use copy and pasting over there.

online-home-jobs-without-investment-or-registration-fee-are-offered-here free copy paste jobs online free registration

Do we offer any Training:

Yes, but with very limitation. Please understand that providing a free online on the internet is not an easy task. So we have very tight budgets. Also, copy paste jobs is a very much non-technical job.

So, we proved very limited that training over YouTube (English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali) and PDF tutorial. Hope that will help.

We are sorry to say that currently, free copy paste job’s member are not able to get phone support, email support and live chat support. Not to mention, we don’t have any paid online training feature.

Copy Paste jobs Earning Potential and Payment Method?

Once you start to earn money from online copy paste jobs, we start making daily payment. All the payment will be made through IMPS payment.

Any member who wants to earn money from CYBER EXPO free online jobs, S/he must have an Indian bank account. Currently, we did not offer any cheque/PayPal or SWIFT payment. And again, we did now allow to work any international member to work with us (Outside of India)

We don’t have an unlimited number of vacancy in copy paste work:

Don’t be confused with this two word- “Free” and “unlimited work”,

Yes, CYBER EXPO does offer Free Online copy paste Jobs to all over India, but it does not mean that we have an unlimited number of vacancy/projects for all our applicant. (Read Term of Service Before apply to any free online jobs)

As per our copy paste jobs projects possibility, we deliver quality work only to the quality people. Please note once applied for any online jobs in CYBER EXPO, we may reject your application without any advance notification.

Copy paste Jobs Business opportunity:

Yes, We do have the Business Opportunity. Any interested person having a small office or BPO center can contact us for a franchise business.

Please drop an email to for franchise business opportunity.

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