Term of Service

These Terms of Service (the “Agreement”) are an agreement between JobsStart.Com, (“CYBER EXPO” or “us” or “our”) and you (“User” or “you” or “your”). This Agreement sets forth the general terms and conditions of your use of the products and services made available by Cyber Expo and of the AdPostJob4U.Com website (collectively, the “Services”). By using the Services, you agree to be bound by this Agreement. If you do not agree to abide by the terms of this Agreement, you are not authorized to use or access the Services.

1. Additional Policies and Agreements

  1. Use of the Services is also governed by the following policies, which are incorporated by reference. By using the Services, you also agree to the terms of the following policies.
    1. Privacy Policy
    2. Acceptable Use Policy
    3. Copyright Infringement Policy

2. Account Eligibility

A. For Register as User for any of service of CYBER EXPO, Every one must have a minimum age of Eighteen (18). If anyone Register as a User and to be found age is under Eighteen (18) is unauthorized and is a violation of this Agreement.

B. Its highly recommended that you provide proper information while you are registering for any of service of CYBER EXPO like valid email Address, proper residential address, contact details, and you have to also Submit or Provide us a Scan copy of your Legal Photo Identity Proof and Address Proof. Providing false contact information of any kind may result in the termination of your account.

C. Before Register For any Service or Jobs Provide by CYBER EXPO you must Read the Term and Condition and Must to be Agree, otherwise, you are unauthorized and is a violation of this Agreement. If we found that you are Disagree with our Terms and Conditions then we will Terminate your account without period notice.

D. Complain and Jurisdiction:- In the event of any dispute or difference arising between the candidates (User & CYBER EXPO- adpostjob4u.com) here to relating to or arising out of this terms, including the implementation, execution interpretation, rectification, validity, enforceability, termination or rescission thereof, including the rights, obligation or liabilities of the parties ( User and CYBER EXPO- adpostjob4u.com) hereto, the same will be adjudicated and determined by arbitration. The Indian arbitration and conciliation act, 1996 or any statutory amendment or re-enactment there of is a force in India, shall govern the reference. Either party shall appoint their respective arbitrator or the arbitrators thus appointed the third arbitrator who shall function as the presiding arbitrator. The venue of arbitration shall be Krishnagar, West Bengal state only. The courts in the city of Krishangar, West Bengal shall have exclusive jurisdiction entertain, try and determine the same.

JobsStart.com Free Online Jobs Term of Service:

AdPostJob4U.com or CYBER EXPO is not a not an employer or Direct Online Jobs Provider. Instead,  AdPostJob4U.com (CYBER EXPO)’s website is a platform for finding job opportunity only for enthusiastic and skillful people.

Also, AdPostJob4U.com or CYBER EXPO can use to finding quality people for freelance work.

AdPostJob4U.com (CYBER EXPO) website work as a platform for Online Job seeker and employer/recruitment agent.

There will be No commission or affiliate earning of AdPostJob4U.com (CYBER EXPO) When someone gets hired by a third party or employer.

Who Can’t Get Free Online Jobs at AdPostJob4U.com or CYBER EXPO?

We only allow enthusiastic and skillful people to work with us.

AdPostJob4U.com or CYBER EXPO Does not make any guarantee of application approval and getting jobs after filling an application form on our website.

The work/Project you do or complete and the amount you earn shall be a subject of mutual understanding between you and work/job/projects provider but not  AdPostJob4U.com or CYBER EXPO.

Account activation time for Free online Jobs in AdPostJob4U.com (CYBER EXPO):

Usually, Its take 10-15 days to process your free online jobs request and get the projects from the recruiter. But sometime it may take up to 2 months depending on projects availability.

AdPostJob4U.com (CYBER EXPO) Not offer Free Online Jobs to each applicant:

Please do understand that each and every day AdPostJob4U.com (CYBER EXPO) receiver up to 10000 new application form all over India. But we have limited number of projects where limited number of people/applicant can work.

So, in order to keep a balance between available projects and job seeker, sometimes we completely delete/reject some of the application forms that looks like spam or unskilled. (Not perfect the projects)

In that case, if we delete/reject someone application form, AdPostJob4U.com (CYBER EXPO) team will not go to send any confirmation email. Also, we completely delete/destroy all the information that you have to provide while filling the application form for free online jobs.

Sometime we may send you an email regarding new online jobs opportunity or other new even. If you don’t wish to receive any further email, you can unsubscribe from our mailing list anytime. Each email we send to our subscriber has content unsubscribe link. So, Proper use them.

Free Online Jobs Contact/Support:

Yes, We have a phone support, but we typical answer your call. We are running out of an employee in customer support, So member or new online jobs seeker/applicant has very limited support.

Payment method/Earning: All the payment will be sent directly from the employer. AdPostJob4U.com (CYBER EXPO) never collect/share or use your bank account to make any payment. Providing bank account details into our websites is optional. Also when you filled any application form its asked only basic account details like Payer name, Bank name, account number, and IFSC code. Never share any sensitive banking information through our websites.

International member:

Member outside of India/Other country is requested not to apply or fill an application form. All our free online job projects are based in India for India people only. We don’t have any PayPal or Payoneer payment method.

3.  Ad Posting Jobs Term and Conditions

  A. The clients are  Register or joined for AD POSTING JOBS in http://adpostjob4u.com (CYBER EXPO) are clearly declared by CYBER EXPO that there is a contract between Cyber Expo and Cyber Expo’s Client for Online Classified advertising and All Cyber Expo’s Client are act/register or recruit as Freelancer works. Their Earning is depending on their work target. Every Freelancer workers must complete their goal or target to achieve the Minimum payout on their selected plan.

  B. AD POSTING JOBS are provided by CYBER EXPO is Nothing but Posting Free Classified ad or Listing Free Classified ad into deferment Type of Classified Sites. by Registering For ad posting Jobs means You have to Post Advertising Provide by  CYBER EXPO Form CYBER EXPO member area, also you have to Post According to Rules /Term of Service / Term and condition by CYBER EXPO AD POSTING APPROVAL RULES.

  C. The Freelancer Workers must use Ad Mater Provide for Cyber Expo. If any Freelancer workers make any changes in ad mater or post any wrong ad mater in online then the Freelancer member Portal and Jobs portal will be terminated without period notice.

  D. Every Classified advertising must be posted in India Classified Sites ( Please read for details on Indian Classified Sites Approval Rules )

  E. Cyber Expo Do not Approve any Classified ad that posted in the forum, Free word press sites, Blog Sites, Cgi-bing Sites, Adult Sites, or any classified sites that may harm Cyber Expo’s Privacy Policy.

  F. Cyber Expo do not approve any Classified ad posted in Zero Traffic Sites. Zero Traffic Means The Classified sites hold Alexa Traffic Rank( http://www.alexa.com/) of more than 500000 in Global. You have to post Each and Every ad by checking Global Alexa Rank of a websites, if you found a websites get a Global Rank from 1 to 400000 According to Alexa then you can post our ad into the particulate classified websites otherwise ad will be canceled and no payment will be issued as against our Term of service.  You can check every classified site rank by visiting Alexa Official websites “http://www.alexa.com/” or using a toolbar for checking Alexa rank provide by Cyber expo member area.

Cyber Expo allow the below websites for checking Alexa Traffic Rank. some third party websites may provide wrong Alexa Data so you must use one of this websites or Tools for getting Proper Alexa Rank of classified websites. if you using any other websites except listed here then The Alexa data may not be Update or To be wrong and your ad may cancel if we found Original Alexa Rank of a particulate website is higher than 400000 of Global rank.

Alexa Official websites

Bulk Alexa Rank Checker

Multipage Rank Checker

G. Cyber Expo Do not Approve any Classified ad posted in Same Configurations or same Designed sites.

H. In a signal month a signal post will be approved in a Signal Classified Sites. If any Freelancer makes any double post or more than one post in sites then only one classified ad will be approved and the rest of ad will be rejected and we don’t carry forward double posted ad form one month to another month.
I. Classified sites are posted in a subdomain is not allows more than a single time in a month as well as in websites that has a subdomain for posting advertising different city does not allow for double posting in a single month.
J.  Classified ad posted by Freelancer must be online /or published and must stay online for 15 Days otherwise ads will not be approved by the cyber expo.
K. Cyber Expo not approved ads those are waiting for approval or not yet published by classified owner.
L. Cyber Expo not maintains or owner of all classifies sites so Classified adverting posting and getting approval is depending on some third party. We don’t take any responsibility for approving a classified advertising. Ad must be published and be online for getting ad approval from Cyber Expo.
M. Classified ad posted in a site that is being in under constrictions or getting HTTP error like- Page not opening, Page not Found, Page Redirected to another page are be Rejected as Approved Classified Sites.
N. A Classified advertising without having a USERNAME and posting Date will be Rejected as well as Classified ad URL that is Copied from another user of Cyber Expo will also Not Approved.
O. Posting /Reporting a Wrong ad mater that not belongs to Cyber Expo are strictly prohibited and Freelancer member Portal and Jobs portal will be terminated without period notice.

 P. The Registration will be valid for 6 (Six) months.

 Q. Registration amount for ad posting Jobs is not Refundable. In case if you have a problem using our service you can contact us for live chat support and Team viewer support.

 R. In All Daily Plan Every day you have to do a minimum 25/40 on (Smart A/ Smart B) of correct Ad publishing in order to get paid.

S. In a single time you can work with a single computer. If you work more than one
computer with single registration in same time, your registration will be canceled.

T. In Daily plan You have to submit your Daily report before 4 pm otherwise report will not accept.

U.  In Daily plan Payment will be made within 24 hours of submitting a report.

V. Payments will be made via fund transfer or a/c payee cheque or cash deposit at the bank.
W. All disputes are Subject to under West Bengal jurisdiction.

4. SMS Sending Jobs Term and Conditions:

A. The client is  Register or joined for SMS Sending  JOBS in http://adpostjob4u.com (CYBER EXPO) are clearly declared by CYBER EXPO that there is a contract between Cyber Expo and Cyber Expo’s Client for SMS Marketing (Campaign based)  and All Cyber Expo’s Client are acted/register or recruit as Freelancer works. Their Earning is depending on their work target. Every Freelancer workers must complete their goal or target to achieve the Minimum payout on their selected plan.

B. SMS Sending Jobs is a marketing job, you need to send Proper SMS advertising form your Cellphone to targeted people. Its an Affiliate Marketing Jobs and payment will be done only after any reference or product selling. We ad some advertising ID into your SMS adverting text.  If someone uses your advertising ID for Join/ subscribe /Purchase on advertised Product/jobs/Service offer/other, then you have eligibility for payment as reference earning from SMS: Rs-50/- INR with the commission: 0%-%.%. we are not paying for every SMS or a total number of SMS Send by Cyber Expo user.

C. Please note that for SMS Sending jobs reference earning and commission are vary according to Cyber Expo SMS Sending jobs Plan. hence you can click here to check SMS Sending Plan Details.

D. SMS Sending jobs subscriber are also informed that we are not paying extra Amount of SMS Credit or Charges form SMS Service Provider. SMS Sending jobs subscriber should recharge yourself or sign up online (way2sms.com) for free SMS.

E. We do not provide any database or Contact number choice to send SMS. you need to choose to collect database form internet like olx.com, quikr.com etc.

5. Refunds policy in Cyber Expo

We want you to be satisfied with any product, service or Jobs you buy or Register from us, period. We generally don’t offer refunds for our products and services once you have made the payment and elected to continue with the product.

Please note that by purchasing the product or service, you agree to the terms of the Refund Policy.

6. Cyber Expo Franchise Term and Conditions:


  1. Franchise Should able to trade/Business/Jobs or Provide the Following Service on-
  2. Offline Data Entry Job
  3. Survey Job
  4. E-Books Selling
  5. Online Data Entry Job
  6. E-Sankha
  7. Premium Classified Advertising
  8. Form Filling Jobs
  9. Proof Reading Job
  10. Classified sites list & Software Sells
  11. Email ID Database sell
  12. Mobile Number Database Sell
  13. SMS Sending Job
  14. Premium Mail Service
  15. Content Writing Job
  16. Email Marketing Tools Sells
  17. mail Order Business
  18. Bulk SMS
  19. SMS Campaigning
  20. Email Comparing
  21. Classified Sites Design & Sells
  22. Cash Blogging Course
  23. new Blog Sell
  24. Affiliate Job
  25. Web-Designee
  26. SMPT/POP3 Premium mail Account Registrations
  27. Web-Hosting
  28. Domain Registrations
  29. SEO Job
  30. District Franchisee (Only in WB)
  31. SPECIAL OFFER 2014
  32. Megacity Franchisee
  33. Sub-Metropolis City Franchisee
  34. Metropolis City Franchisee
  35. Cyber Expo Franchisee

All the trade/Business/Jobs or Service Provide by Cyber Expo for All Over the world or Local Franchise Business area is subject to change and the work/Trade/Business/service Resources are limited. Before Provide it to anyone franchise should verify the work/Trade/Business/service Resources limit in http://adpostjob4.com.

2. franchise Authority in SPECIAL OFFER 2014 Plan and in District Franchisee (Only in WB) are not able to use or provide more than 20% of our entire work/Trade/Business/service Resources.

3. A franchise has to provide separate Agreement Copy an to an easy customer who is Joined in any of Jobs or purchase or subscribing any of Service Power by Cyber Expo from franchise office.

4. Franchise Authority have to power to Level 5 Access. Franchise Authority is restricted to Access Cyber Expo Core Service, Cyber Expo Admin Panel, Database management etc.

4. Franchisee Authority never able to make any change of Cyber Expo Product/Services or and of Jobs Power by Cyber Expo. All the Term and conditions Subject to change and Only Cyber Expo level 1 and level 2 Executive can make any changes.

  1. Franchisee Authority has to read and understand The Term and Condition and Procedure of Cyber Expo’s any of work/Trade/Business/service/Jobs menses in http://adpostjob4.com and http://cyberexpo.in. Franchisee Authority never forces to anyone for taking interested in Cyber Expo’s any of work/Trade/Business/service/Jobs. Franchisee Authority should make clear to Customer on all Term and Condition and Procedure of Cyber Expo’s any of work/Trade/Business/service/Jobs. If A Franchisee Authority Found to provide any wrong data then Cyber Expo Authority can terminate the Franchisee without any period notice.

6. Franchisee commission will be calculate at the end of every month and will be credit or pay to Franchisee Authority Register bank Account on every 3rd to 7th day of Next month. All payment will be done by cheque or NENF Online Fund Transfer so it’s subject to Banks or depending on the bank to delivered Franchisee Authority Register bank Account or if found and extra charges then Cyber Expo Authority never pay the extra charges by banks.

7. Cyber Expo is a completely ADVERTISING company.

8. The main aim of promoting all business program & product of Cyber Expo.

9. The main role of Cyber Expo Members is to promote all advertising matter which Cyber Expo provides to online classified websites.

10. The Member is not an employee of Cyber Expo. But are appointed as a freelancer works for the same.

11. Payment to the member will be calculated as per the work option they selected.

12. This Agreement works between Cyber Expo, West Bengal,& The undersigned the member.

13. Specific working criteria have been fixed for the Cyber Expo Member Area.

14. The Member Should post the ad maters as given by Cyber Expo.

15. A single /Particular ad should not be repeated on the same websites within a time span of 30days, or else it won’t be counted as a valid ad.

16. As per your designations, you will be paid per successful ad posted by you. Successful ad means ad which is correctly posted on classified websites under the suitable category, Description, ad mater, as given by Cyber Expo.

17. Ad’s which are wrongly posted will not be considered & no payment will be made for the same.

18. Ad’s which are repeatedly posted on same websites will not be counted & No Payment.

19. Ad’s which are posted having spelling mistakes and error in the email address or websites address too will not be considered.

20. In case we found that you are posting ads using some software, or manipulating details or altering ad, or doing any harmful/illegal operations that can generate more money without put ads, then your account will be immediately close without any period notice of the same.

21. Minimum payout for Monthly ad posting jobs plan is Rs- 1000/- in a Month.
Minimum payout for Weekly ad posting jobs plan is Rs- 500/- in a Week.
Minimum payout for the daily plan on SMART A is- Rs-175/- and SMART B is- Rs-400/-INR.
If any member is unable to reach their minimum payout then the accumulated payment is labeled as pending payment and half of it is carried forward and added to the next available payment.

22. After receiving this Agreement Copy Franchisee Authority have to make her signatory properly with proprietorship stamp and Make photo Copy of All Pages of Original Agreement Copy.

The photocopy has to keep in Franchisee end or Franchisee Party that he is the second party. And The Original Copy of Agreement has to Resend to our Head Office Address-

Cyber Expo India

West Bengal,

Nadia ,

Krishnagar, Baliadanga

Pin- 741152

After Receiving (Singed Both Partly First Part and Second Partly) the Original Agreement Paper in our head office we will send the certificate and Welcome kit to Franchisee office. Only After that that Franchise Authority will able to start a business with Cyber Expo.

If we Find any return on Original Agreement Copy in our Head Office or if franchisee Authority doesn’t receive the certificate the of the franchise and welcome kit then The Franchisee Term will not be Valid and Franchisee ship will be canceled without any period notice.

23. Terminations of Agreement: This contract shall be terminated by either party with one month notice on either side after meeting all contractual obligations. This Contact is valid for 12 months from the date of contact.

24. Dispute Resolutions:   Both parties shall settle any disputes arising out of the contact amicably through discussions. In case of dispute, the case shall be resolved through arbitration proceedings.


Notwithstanding anything contained in this Agreement, neither party shall be held accountable to this contact in case of any natural calamity, unforeseen circumstances as well as Act of God.

This file was last modified: February 13, 2018.

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