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In My Previous Post I told about Genuine Data Entry Jobs,  In today’s scenario, Data management has become the lifeline of any business as the whole world runs on data. Data management also plays an important role in customer retention. Data conversion, data processing, data redundancy, data accuracy, data security all comes under data management.

Data vs Information vs Knowledge:

Data is/are raw facts which contain intrinsic meaning (facts are present in an unorganized and unprocessed manner). It’s static in nature. Data is divided into two categories: Symbols and Signals. Text, numbers, diagrams, images all come under symbols and light, sound, smell, taste and touch these things come under signals.

Information is processed data which contains relevant meaning. Information is presenting data in a sequence which carriers a logical meaning.

Information and data sources together used to build knowledge. You can’t store knowledge of anything other than the brain. It’s related to your beliefs and expectations.

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“Knowledge is not information and information is not data.”

Example: Suppose you have a list of different countries of the world that is data and placing location in the map is information and knowledge is update map from signals coming through eyes, ear, nose, mouth or skin.

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Importance of data management:

  1. To find and understand when that data is needed.
  2. Placing right data at right place is important e.g Suppose there is a shop of shirts which contains shirts for girls, boys of teenage and kids and moreover there are shirts of different sizes, so for running this shop successfully it’s important to have different section for girls, boys and kids and division of different numbers of shirts in different boxes/location.
  3. Amount of data increases at an astounding rate. Researchers at University of California at Berkeley estimate that world produces between 1 and 2 bytes of data annually.
  4. Take an example of telephone billing system if the incorrect bill is sent to an incorrect person then it will affect the customer retention and further leads to losses.
  5. To capture, storage, structure, compilation, retrieval, and analysis of records.
  6. Availability of resources is not enough, proper use is also important.

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There are various tools used for data management like IDM– Integrated Data Management.The various uses of IDM are:

  1. Facilitate data management and improve performance.
  2. Improve data access.
  3. Automate and simplify operation.
  4. Maintain consistency.

How to prevent data entry errors:

Errors can occur after the data has been collected. There are various ways to prevent errors:

  • Manual checks during data collection.
  • Range and consistency checking during data entry.
  • Double entry and validation.
  • Data analysis screening for outliers during data analysis.


Manual vs Automated process of data entry:

In many offices data entry is done through a manual process which is costly, time-consuming, large numbers of manpower are required and chances of mistakes are more. Also, the manual process requires a large number of workers, good listening skills, proper grammar, typing skills, focus, and concentration. Automated data entry solution eliminates these issues by handling office level documents in less time and improved accuracy. There are various other advantages to improving workflow, improve productivity, less cost required and improve security etc.

” Increase in manpower requirement leads to an increase in management and task cost.

There are various automation tools:

  1. Biel’s AnyDoc Solutions.

Biel’s AnyDoc Solutions improve the productivity by up to 400%. It integrates easily with most frontend hardware and backend software system.

  1. Macro Expert.

Macro Expert provides the accurate, complete and quick availability of data. It helps in tracking operational trends and making a decision.

  1. Questys Capture.

Questys Capture uses advanced optical recognition technology to automatically extract important data from scanned images. Also, recognise barcode type. With the help of this tool, you can also capture data from unstructured documents.

  1. Pegasie’s IDES solution.

Pegasie’s IDES solution helps in providing current and accurate enterprise data and also removes replication in data. Also, it requires less operating cost.

  1. Winautomation.

Winautomation allows website data extraction into excel and text files.

  1. Entrypoint

The entry point is consist of web applications for data entry and administration and three desktop applications: Application studio, desktop workstation, and desktop system manager.It has a special feature of clinical trials data entry.

  1. workshop

The workshop is an integrated ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) and data acquisition system that gather and analyze data from multiple sources.

Whether the data entry is done through a manual process or automated process the more important is placing right things at the right place so that it can be used at right time and at the right place.

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