How to Start Online Jobs in JobsStart.COM?

[Step by Step Guide]

JobsStart.COM Progress Report part 1

1 Register & login:


First thing First, If you are new and don’t have any account in JobsStart.COM (Power by CYBER EXPO) then Please Register a Free Account from Here. Once you Register You need to Check your email and verify your email address for further communication and projects/work related updates.

If you are facing any Issue or bugs while Register, Please visit our Login/Register error Support page from here.


Once you are Register and confirmed your email address, you are good go for login process. Click here and login to JobsStart.COM Free account.

If you are facing any Issue or bugs while login, Please visit our Login/Register error Support page from here.

2. Book Projects Slot:

Once you Login to JobsStart.COM Member area, You can see a pages like this-

You can Click on book Projects slot to book Projects slot.

Why You need to book Projects Slot?

CYBER EXPO and JobsStart.COM are outsourcing there Projects from other company. Since projects can’t be completed by a signal user so we divided our work into a Part. This part is called a Slot. A single slot is useful for a 1 Members to work 5-8 hours in a Day. If you want More work then you need to book more projects slot.

Why JobsStart.COM Does not Auto Assign Projects Slot to Members?

  • A lot of member complaint that JobsStart.COM does not assign Projects slot automatically. So what are the reason?
  • Since we have limitation into our work, so We can’t provide each of work projects to all our members. Once you book a Slot a Request has been sent to our Projects server. If there is any slot available, Our Projects Server will send the work files.
  • There is 10-15 Type of Online Jobs Projects available, So once you book the projects slot we can understand your in which Jobs you are interested to work.
  • Slot booking Help us to Manage the Projects work properly. Since its a Part Time Jobs! Average member only work for 6-8 Month. In order to save work lost, we use slot booking.

3. Start Training:

So We have Separate Training for each type of projects.

Once You Book your projects Slot its take 3-7 days to process your request and assign your Requested Work. In the meantime, you need to Start the Training. Please note there 10-15 type of Online Jobs Projects available here, Each of the Projects has 10-25 Subtype.

See here How to Start the Training-

4. Get Token ID:

After Booking Projects slot we will send you a Token ID. This Token ID Can be used to Download Your Projects Main Assignments, Offline report sheet, Projects Work-related Software and Documentation.

Please check your Register email Address for token ID.

5. Download Work Files

Once you have Token ID, You can download your work Files from your Member Area Dashboard. You need to save all the Files into your local computer.

6. Send Report and Get Paid:

After Downloading The Projects please read projects documentation carefully. All the reporting related instruction will be there.

Send your report and wait for payment.

Its take 3 hours for daily work daily payment plans payment.

2 days for weekly Payment Plan and 6 Days delay for monthly payment Plans.

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