How to Registered in CYBER EXPO Free Online Jobs? Step by Step Guide!

Must Watch: Video Demo to Complete Step-1 to Step 7

Step-1 to Step 7 is Recommended, if you missed any step, Please complete them with below links.

Step-1: Fill The Application Form:

There is a dozen of Free Online jobs Available in AdPostJob4U.COM – CYBER EXPO, Got to CYBER EXPO Safe Apps from here, Choice the Application form and Fill out.

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Step-2: Subscribe to Free Prime Membership to Active your account within 24 hours:

Once complete the Filling of Registration form you will receive an Email to Subscribe to Free Prime Membership. This will help you to activate your free online jobs account within next 24 hours. So follow the steps in your email and subscribe to CYBER EXPO Prime Membership.

Please note, After 2017 Dec, Any Free Online Jobs will not be active unless you Join CYBER EXPO Prime Membership.

A lot of members forgot to click on confirmation link sent to the registered email address once they subscribe to a Prime membership. So, Don’t forgot to click on confirmation link send after subscribing to prime membership.

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Missed this Steps? Don’t Worry, Click Here!

Step-3:  Do the Social Media Contribute:

Once complete the Filling of Registration form you have been asked to do social media contribute. As AdPostJob4U.COM offer online Jobs without registration fees, So its recommend. Don’t worry its take less than 5 minutes.

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Step-4: Check your Free online jobs Status:

Once you complete this two steps

  1. Prime Membership Subscription &
  2. Social Media Contribute.

Team CYBER EXPO – will start working with your Free Online jobs account. With in Next 24 hours you may receive a confirmation email of your free online jobs account activation status.

Now, if you can’t wait to see how much time does it to complete to process, you can check your free online jobs account activation status over here.

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Step-5: Next Day: Active your Username and Password using Self-care Member area:

After 24 hours of your Application, you will receive another email about Self-care member area from CYBER EXPO Customer care executive.

Haha! That’s means it’s time to set your Username and Password.

Now Go to Self-care and Set your New Username and Password.

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Click Here for a complete Guide: How to Use and Set New Username and Password in CYBER EXPO Self Care Member area.

Step-6: Training:

After two days of your Registration, Team CYBER EXPO will send you a complete tutorial on How to gets started.

Go to Step-6

Step-7: Update Payment mode and get paid your first earning:

You are in Step 7 means, You have already started the work. Congratulation. Now, as per your payment mode (Daily, Weekly or Monthly) Set your Payment Receiving Mode and Update your bank name, account number, and IFSC Code. (We never asked any sensitive information. Never proved any sensitive information accidentally)

That’s it. Now you will start receiving an automatic fun transfer to your bank account as per your work.

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Step-8: Apply for more jobs: (Optional)

After working with any Free Online Jobs in CYBER EXPO for 30 days, You can start two More online Jobs. So, here is a list of all available online Jobs, Go through and get started exploring more earning.

Step-9: Refer and Earn more Money: (Optional)

CYBER EXPO Member comes with an affiliate feature, Here you can use to send a free invitation to your friends and family and get up to 5% commission from there earning.

Step-10: Next Level: Start Franchise business: (Optional)

Want to move to the next level of Online Jobs? Join CYBER EXPO- AdPostJob4U.COM Franchisee business and start making money up to 50K from Small BPO office.


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