10 Tips to judgement an awesome data entry company in India

Do you have data entry project to outsource? Almost 50 plus companies are waiting for your consignment! But does they really effective for your business to outsource your data entry? In most of the case, data Entry Company are failed to grow your business due to poor data conversation rates!

Think, you need your data to be converted in well-structured and having decent accuracy rate. But what happen if your project done incompletely and don’t have enough time fulfill the client requirement.

You might be little confuse about how to find a data entry company in India that really work effectively for your data entry project.


Here I drop 10 Tips to judgment an awesome data entry company in India:

First, try yourself: Do you know you can convert any type of document by Data Capture Application. (Structured, semi-structured, unstructured) You might be planning for invest thousands of dollar for your data entry project, so before start investing your money and time, why not try data conversation using a data capture OCR application. It’s may save your time and money.

Find the Reputation of that company: before making any decisions to choose a data entry company make sure you have found a well-reputed company. You can use website age, client review etc. for check it. Even it’s better to search through the Business directory to find out the list of data Entry Company in India for better comparison.

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Test a Demo: Before sing, your agreement, test a demo project; you should be aware of how they work? How their shill for data entry? And also find the accuracy level of your demo project. We all in hurry to finish our data entry project fast , but don’t be so fast to take a decision, take your time, think, compare the demo each other and then make your dissection.

Short out infrastructure: Does the data entry company have a good infrastructure; some company may stuff internally due to low infrastructure that causes harm to your data entry project. Make sure to check out and infrastructure, the ad you’re not responsible for their infrastructure then why the project will get low accuracy rate or incompleteness due to their infrastructure?

Get Employee Update:

data Entry Company having professional -skill employee has a great success rate. Make sure to check out the employee update, talk to them, interview them and check out their previous project too. Make sure the demo data entry jobs must be done by company’s own employee.

Previous Project Review and Accuracy rates:

Did you check out some of the previous project done by your data entry company? Try to contact with them and asked the review of data conversation rates. If any data entry company deny to provide preview of client data, then just better to avoid them for your project.

Check out the Customer Care Support System:

does their Support system is fine? Some of expert may told you that there is no need to check out the customer care support as; you don’t have to react with data entry company’s employees or freelancer. But think a data entry company having no customer care or other support system means the freelancer employee has no opportunity to get back and asked if any word or sentence are not readable. It’s surely increases the accuracy rates and cause lots of typing mistakes.

Don’t forget to check out the Review and Complaint:

You may select one of the best data entry company in India but still advice you to find out their review and learn what other say about that particular data entry company.

Beware From Marketing Guys:

Now days the marketing guys can do anything to get the data entry project from you. Sometime they break their term of service and hiding lots of fact that makes you stop to provide the data entry project to them. So think carefully and ask more questions.

Make Sure to Study the term of Service before Sign:

Call them to provide a scan copy of same agreement paper and study it carefully. Make sure that the agreement paper does not have any decent term to increase the delivery date or other face that can harm your projects dignity. Don’t hesitate to hire any lower to study the agreement carefully.

Final word: We Strongly recommended to goes with CYBER EXPO consider as a best data entry company in India. Else if you have any more tips to judgement an awesome data entry company in India? Let me know how you find a perfect data entry company in India? Comment to share your experience.

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