11 ways to Get Paid to Post Ads Online–“$5900 PAYMENT”

Let’s face it, Get Paid to Post Ads Online is one of coolest way to earn money from the internet. Unfortunately, most of the people do know the real way to do this! We found that there is a big gap of updated resource and reviews. You may surprise to know that there is 13 + legitimate way to get paid for Posting Ads Online. No matters from which country you belong to! It’s work and we assure you that you are able to earn money with our help.

This article will be long. take your time to read and do comment to know more details.  You can quickly read any of way to Get Paid for Posting Ads Online.

Let’s get started-

The requirement for Posting Ads Online jobs:

  1. A unique and fresh classified sites list.
  2. Ad Posting Software. (Optional)
  3. Magic Classified Collection tools.

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How to Get Paid for Posting Ads?

(Skip this part if you have previous experience on ad posting job)

Before you get paid for posting ads online you have to learn how classified sites work and how to post ads on the internet.

You might see classified listing on newspaper! The same concept is applied online and called this as classified sites.

On classified sites, you can post ads into proper directory, take an example if you want to sell the car then post your ads on automobile category or if you want to sell the house then you have to post your ads on apartment category.

Now let’s learn how to post ads?

Open classified sites and sing yourself for free ad posting.

Now click on post new ads and fill the ads details form.

Upload a photo and hit the submit button.

Now verify your email address from your inbox and get yours publishes ads URL.

13 ways to Get paid to Post Ads Online:

1. Get paid from CYBER EXPO:

If you are from India then you are a luckily to get paid to post ads online free. CYBER EXPO an award-winning ISO 9001-2008 certified company offering genuine google ad posting jobs provider in India. You can sign up for both Free and paid plan and earn money to post ads.

Adpostjob4u.com and cyberexpo.in this is the two website to get new ad posting jobs account. CYBER EXPO offer daily/weekly and monthly payment ads posting plan, and you can earn up to Rs-10.00 on per ad posting.

Additionally, you can get free ad posting software, with daily payment ad posting work.

Unlike others get paid to post website CYBER EXPO only allow members from India, hence if you are not from India you can buy ad posting money making package including ad posting software and work in other alternative get paid to post ads sites.

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2. Refer and Earn:

get paid for posting ads online

You can earn up to Rs-250 from Refer and Earn program. It’s the best way to posting ads online for money. You can sign up for legitimate refer and earn program into the following sites-

Refer and Earn program: your Commison Your Friends (Referal Commison)
Amazon Rs-200 Rs-100
ICICI bank Rs-250 Rs-50
Freecharge Rs-45 Rs-10
makemytrip Upto Rs-1800.00 Upto Rs-700
snapdeal Rs- 200 Rs-100
cashkaro EARN 10% Cashback forever! EARN 10% Cashback forever!
jabong Upto Rs-1000.00 Rs-100
simplilearn.com Upto Rs-200 Rs-100
snapdeal.com Upto Rs-200 Rs-100

How to Get Paid for Posting Refer and Earn Ads Online?

I hope you have already signed up for those Refer and earn program. Next, collect your referral link and get paid to post your referral link on social media sites and classified sites.

You can generate some attractive ads and post your ads into the deferent classified site daily. For better result, I recommend to use 10 ads for 10 R&E protocol and post them on top 100 classified sites in a month. Pretty cool ha?

Look at this calculation- 10adsX100=1,000 ads in a month.

Daily0 1000 / 25 (I remove holidays) = 40 ads per day.

Now continue to check your referral balance and enjoy posting ads for cash program.

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3. Affiliate Marketing:

CJ.com (Commission Junction) and Wealthy Affiliate is the most popular affiliate marketing network on the internet. You can sign up for a free account and start promoting their affiliated products to gain commission.

CJ.com and Wealthy Affiliate both have their search option to find suitable affiliate products on your nice. Now you have to apply the same recipe again here. You have to find 3-5 profitable affiliate products and start promoting their ads on classified sites.

Instead of post ads, another way to get paid for posting ads online is social media. You can post free ads on social book marketing sites and get paid for ads.

4. Amazon Associate:

This one is my favorite, create free Amazon associate account today and get an opportunity to earn up 30% of commission from Amazon products affiliate marketing.

From your Amazon associate dashboard, you can see products list and commission chats. Now select 5-10 products list which has high commission matrix and start promoting the classified site and social media sites. You can expect 50,000-200,000 sells in a month with up to Rs-10,000 commission. How cool is that?

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5. Freelance ad posting (On Contact)

Become a freelance ad posting workers on the internet. You can start small websites and put few packages on classified listing plan and pricing, as an advice you can set Rs-3-4 on each ad posting made by you.  starts posting ads on a contract based on 30-50% advance money.

6. Get Hire in Upwork:

If you don’t want to start your own website then you can create a free account on upwork or freelance.com for getting paid to post ads online. People will start seen your listing and once you receive any assessment you can start earning from posting ads.

This way you can earn as a freelancer and make passive income, do note that hiring on Upwork is depend on your projects success rate and how much efficiency you are with your client. So don’t get terminate on upwork instead do your level best for better assessment in future.

7. Old Item buys Sell shop:

If you have a store on any other place to keep few old items then you can start to buy sell old item business.

It’s very simple and fun. Let’s say you want to start a store with old electronic gadgets (Old smartphone, DSLR, tab, laptop etc). Now find the super awesome deal on olx and quikr and buy them.

Now get paid to post ads from selling those old items again in olx. Even you can make them sold into your local with a profitable price.

8. jvzoo.com:

jvzoo.com allow you to earn instant commission for post ads online. Let’s sign up to jvzoo.com and select few affiliate products for your ad posting. Now copy the affiliate URLs from jvzoo.com dashboard and start to get paid to post ads online free.

9. Online Survey Jobs Sites:

Online Survey Jobs sites are one of the best ways to earn money by referring new member into their program. As it’s free to try so it’s very easy to promote them. Now take this Online Survey sites to the next level by promoting through classified ads and social marketing. This way if you post only 500 promotional ads you will earn up to $50. See my payment proof below.

10. Social Media optimize:

get paid from Clixsense to post ads online 1000 Active referal from classified ads posting

First of all, create a new account on this survey sites and copy the affiliate link into your advertisement. get paid to post ads on facebook, twitter, and Google.

Things to remember that as much as you will be popular on social media people will start taking interest in your products. Get paid for social media marketing with more subscribers. Awesome!

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11. paydotcom.com

paydotcom.com is another affiliate marketing websites like jvzoo.com. You can client testimonial from their website and it’s free to sign up.

Once you sign up in paydotcom.com you have to retrieve few affiliate URL and products description for promotion. Now once your ads go live you start making money from posting ads online.

Are you planning to start making money from online ad posting? What’s holding you back? Do share your opinion by commenting below.

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