10 Online Jobs for Housewife Without Investment (Mom Earn $100 Daily)

Getting a sustainable income for housewife will not only help improve financial stability, but also online jobs for housewife helps keep a fresh mentality in India housewife.

But getting genuine Full time or Part time Online Jobs for a housewife is as usual very hard, So hi guys this is CYBER EXPO and Today we are going update you what are best online jobs for housewife without any investment that can be worked from home and make your earn up to 15K-35K. So let’s get started…

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Note: Do you like Business? Here are Top 50 Business Idea for India housewife.

10 Best Online Jobs for Housewife Without Investment:

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1. Become a YouTube:

believe or nor! If any housewife having an internet connection at home want to start making money online, Then it should be YouTube Channel. Here few Popular YouTube Channel idea for Housewife or start-up women’s. Don’t be miss judge of buying expensive camera and studio. You can start shooting below listed YouTube channel with your Smartphone without any investment.

  1. Kitchen Products Reviews:
  2. Cooking Show Channel:
  3. Beauty and Fashion Channel:
  4. Dance Choreography:

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2. Data Entry Jobs:

job for housewife from hom part time product jobs for housewife job for housewife in bangalore online job for housewife without investment


Data Entry work is one of the easy jobs for housewives. The only simple skills required to get started is typing skills. I guess India housewife has full of this skills. Nevertheless, a housewife can make them skills using this typing software with 30 days of practices.

However, It’s important to realize that getting a genuine data entry jobs without investment in India is not an easy task.

So, without wasting time on other paid registration typing jobs, lets quickly jump to CYBER EXPO Free Online Data entry jobs.

No matter its part time or full time, Cyber Expo Data entry jobs make you earn up to 10/-INR on each Text matter (5-7 line of a paragraph) with easy typing job.

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3. Ad Posting Jobs:

One of the major problems in online typing jobs is spelling mistakes and grammatical error and overall it’s a boring work. On the other hand ad posting jobs has the best career options for housewives. You have to post classified ads in the different type of classified websites. The Average earning on such classified posting is upto 15K per month.

We recommended to join CYBER EXPO ad posting jobs without investment, It’s a Free to join 5 years trial work program. Team CYBER EXPO will provide you a list of classified websites list as well as ad matter to post ads.

You can expect up to 18,000.00 INR per month earning. Believe me posting classified ads online is quite entertaining.

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4. Blogging:

Blogging is one of the best stays at homework for the housewife. Everyone has special skills to generate content in a niche. To make this idea to make money online you can start your own blog. It’s very simple and easy. You can get inspired from the famous fashion blogger Missmaile.com. There are thousands of blogging nice(idea) for the housewife. You can select your nice from below list and get started.

  1. Beauty
  2. Fashion
  3. Health
  4. Mind and Body
  5. Self-Worth
  6. Save Money
  7. Travel
  8. Teaching
  9. Pregnancy
  10. Relationships
  11. Crafts
  12. Movies/Music
  13. Cooking/ Food
  14. Modeling

Blogging is the best ways for a housewife to make money online. For getting started the first choice your niche. We prefer to build a micro niche blog to earn quickly.

After niche selection registered your domain from here, next select a web hosting from here, To launch your blog online, its required 1500 to 2500(As per your hosting choice)/Year

Try to keep posting one article each day and optimized the On page-Off page SEO with Social media sharing. Within 3 months you will start making $100-$200. You can monitor your blog either with Google Adsense or by affiliate marketing. There thousand of a housewife is making $1000-$2000 in part-time work after spending 2-3 Years time into the there blog. Why not you?

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5. Off page SEO Jobs:

As I earlier mention that in order to run your blog you must know about off page SEO work. There are 3-month computer courses for housewives where you can learn off page SEO. It does not only help you on blogging jobs, Even you can full-time home based online jobs from SEO company.

If you think blogging is not for you then, simply earn money doing off-page SEO.

As a suggestion, You can sing up to fivver.com – online the biggest global freelancer hub, Simple post your gig and get paid from client setting at your home.

Sell Traditional cooking Recipe eBook Online:

There is a huge demand for Traditional cooking Recipe online. Let’s earn extra by sharing nane’s secretes cooking recipe online. You can sell an ebook on Amazon kindly or into your own blog.

Alos you can use Facebook marketing promotion for put it next level engagement.

6. Freelance Writing:

Freelance Writing or you can call it as content writing, there is two type of content writer available on the internet, First, those who making content from scrap or coping from another publisher, and the second who has inborn skilled of writing.

If you think you have great power of imagination writing article of the various topic, then content writing jobs are for you. Is a free job for housewives without investment. You can get hired from freelance.com, fivirr.com or upwork.com, Alos you can get contact of regular guest posting from popular websites in India.

Now, let’s talk about earning, As a fresher’s you can able to earn up to $10 for each 500 work article.

As soon as you grow up, you can able to earn $25-$200 for each 900-1500 work article. Awesome!

7. Online Survey Jobs:

jobs for housewife part time Survey Jobs job for housewife in mumbai job for housewife in delhi housewife jobs part time jobs job for housewife


Survey Jobs are one of the hole online jobs for housewives, You will be get paid by sharing your opinion on products or service. We have a brief article on how to earn money at home for housewife doing online survey jobs over here. (if you don’t know about survey jobs please read there)

The reason why I recommended online survey jobs most is it’s a split work. Like if you want to split your work like 45 minutes X 4, Its possible! As you know each survey can take you 30 minutes to 45 minutes, so you can work as per your free time.

When it’s time to calculate payment in paid survey jobs, you estimate earning will be $0.75-$3.25 for each survey. Overall it’s not so hard to earn $10-$25 for a housewife from home without investment.

And again, instead of the survey, there are few legitimate websites like Clixsense where you can earn completing the simple task as well as survey jobs. I am a great fan of this website and earn up to $20 daily as a part-time. Why not take a look at my earning and payment from here.

Lets Join Genuine Survey jobs and start making extra income from today…

8. Part Time Virtual Assistant Jobs:

Now a day’s almost every popular company or any type of online service provider and bringing live chat feature into their websites. To put it another way of earning money, Indian housewife can make money doing Virtual Assistant Jobs in Part Time. You need very special skills of quick and aggressive typing knowledge. There will be a small course for housewives, after that, you can earn money sitting at home.

You can expect up to 10K-12K per month doing online Virtual Assistant Jobs. Also, don’t forget about incentives while assisted more customer online.

9. Online Garments Selling business via Flipkart/Amazon:

If you have skills in Fashion Design and Garments why not start selling them online? You can create a seller account Flipkart/Amazon or eBay.in and start making money by starting selling Garments, Fashion craft, and any other handmade Fashion accessories.

This type of buying-selling can be done write exactly from your home. Even you don’t have to visit the courier service point as there have to Pick up request service from your doorsteps.

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