Earn Money Online without Investment by Typing in India

Over the past several years demand of earn money online by typing pages projects is increasing like supernova explosion. Though there are lots of websites in India offering this type of typing jobs, few of them are Genuine.

So, in this article, we are going to introduce 7 Way to Earn Money Online without investment in Typing jobs. Without delay, let’s get started-

8 Way to Earn Money Online by Typing Pages:

1. Earn Money Online without investment by Typing work in CYBER EXPO:

CYBER EXPO is One of the best online typing jobs provider without registration fees. There are Several types of Typing Jobs available for making money online. Here is the list of available typing jobs in CYBER EXPO.

You can Sign in here and get your free account within 1 minute.

The best thing about Making money from CYBER EXPO typing project is, Even if you don’t have any internet connection! You can work in offline typing jobs.

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2. Earn Money Online by Hindi page typing:

If you have good typing skills in Hindi, then you have greater opportunity to earn money online without investment by typing Hindi pages.

At present, there is a huge demand for Hindi types. You have to Sign in CYBER EXPO Free Online Jobs account and download Hindi pages to your computer. Once you complete the typing on MS word, you will get paid to your bank account.

CYBER EXPO Offer English, Hindi, Tamil & Document Typing Jobs for students, Housewife and Retired person.

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3. Earn Money Online by Tamil Page Typing:

CYBER EXPO is another biggest Tamil Page Typing Jobs provider for south India. If you have a good typing skill on Tamil Documents conversation or Tamil to English/Hindi Typing, you can sing for a free account from here.

This type of type and earn money allow you to earn up to $1-$ five on each 5-page documents data entry.

You can work from your home and get paid to bank account daily or weekly.

4. Online captcha type and earn:

Captcha type is a way to Earn Money Online without investment by Typing. There are lots of captcha typing jobs available for India where you can sign up in Free.

List of top 10 captcha entry jobs in India

In term of target captcha typing jobs is one of the easiest work found on the internet. You will get paid up to $2-5 on each 1000 captcha solve.

Its take almost 1-2 hours to solve 1000 captcha and some of the captcha entry websites amid to work using captcha solving software.

Presently the payment rates are very low compared to other online typing jobs, but it’s a stand along jobs where you can earn even by working just for 1 hour in the day.

Note: you must have a payza, PayPal or Payoneer account to get paid.

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5. Earn Money online by Document Typing Jobs:

We already discuss how you can earn money doing digital India data entry projects; the sad part is digital India is not accepting any new members for document typing work.

Still, there is a lot of company like CYBER EXPO; All Money Tips are offering genuine Documents Data entry jobs in India. You can sing up free and start making money by typing up to $300-700 in a month.

This type of documents type jobs is ideal for college students, and housewife. They can unitize there extra time and work from any ware using internet connection.

6. Make Money doing English to Hindi Blog Post Translate Jobs:

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It is one of the trending offline typing jobs in 2018. You can earn money online by typing blog from English to Hindi.

Since Google forcing attention to the Hindi language, so those of people blogger in India are starting doing Hindi blog.

Since there blog has a lot of articles present in English, so blogger want them to translate to Hindi and republish them again.

If you have the skill of doing this type of translate, then you can sing up here free.

7. Upwork/freelancer Typing Projects:


If you already have a full-time job, and looking for a way to earn extra money using your free time, then you can start getting projects from Upwork/ freelancer.com

You need to create an account and start biting whenever someone posts any gig or projects related to data entry or typing jobs.

If you have a typing speed of 35-45 words, you can earn 22K from Upwork/freelancer just working 202 days in part-time.

Keep it in Mind that there is thousands of data entry operator working on the same platform. So you need to bid pricing that value for the money.

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8. Fiverr.com $5 Gig typing Jobs:


People having small projects of typing are posting their gig on fiverr.com. This why we call this type of typing jobs as $5 Gig typing Jobs.

You can get thousand of this of micro typing projects on fiverr.com and start making money online.

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Did I Miss any way to Earn Money Online without investment by Typing? What do you think? Share your comment below.

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