Internet Jobs & employment Scam: Ultimate Safety Guide That Save Your Hard Earn Money to be Scammed.

After Reliance Jio Revelation, the user of the Internet has significantly increased in India. On the other hand, our government keep the fight with the unemployment problem.

Since the Internet in India is now on everyone’s doorsteps, and employment keeps increasing day by day, as a result of people often find Jobs on the Internet.

There is Several Way you cloud get Jobs & employment online:

  1. Online Jobs that can be worked on the Internet.
  2. Work from Home Jobs.
  3. Part time Recruitment on MNC or Company.
  4. Full Time Recruitment on MNC or Company.
  5. Government Jobs Application. Etc

But There is a Drawback!

A lot Scammer uses the Internet as an Opportunity and looting innocent people head earn money by giving fake promise of employment.

Types of Online Jobs Scams in India:

  1. Online Jobs Scam.
  2. Work from Home Jobs Scam.
  3. Full Time Jobs Scam.
  4. Part Time Jobs Scam.
  5. Pyramid schemes or MLM Jobs Scam.
  6. Government Jobs Scam.

Scam Online Jobs Work from home jobs part time jobs in India How to know a Jobs is a scam

How did Online Jobs Scams happen In India? (Top Media of Jobs Scam)

1. Email: Scammer Will send your email of attritive Jobs that you could not reject.

2. Internet: People Search on the internet and find a fake website. After this, they lost money.

3. Social media: Scammer post fake jobs requirement on social media and trap innocent people into there scheme.

4. In Person: Call by phone or by setting a face to face meeting they scam people with fake jobs.

5. BOP office/ Work from Home Office/ Job consultancy: A lot of Fake Job consultancy asked hug upfront registration and make jobs fraud.

6. Newspaper: Putting fake Newspaper ads, scammer loot money from the job seeker.

7. Mobile Application: A lot of fake mobile apps offering fly by night operation.

8. Text Message: Scammer sends attractive text messages and asked money for the Jobs.

9. Google/Facebook Advertainment: thought Google and Facebook try to keep internet clean, but a lot of scammers still miss using such paid advertainment for making Online Jobs Scam. Most of the data entry jobs scam happen like this.

In short,

A lot of Internet Scammer and Fraud people are waiting to trap you with their fake scheme.

According to [India’s One of the Top Free Scam Advisor websites], Each second in India 2 People lost their money on some type of scam jobs.

How to Know an Online Jobs is a Scam or Not?

1. Real Online Jobs Never Asked any Money:

Any Online Jobs or Online Part Time Jobs provider asking any Money, Registration fees or upfront payment is a SCAM. Real Internet Jobs like CYBER EXPO never ask any payment from there customer.

Don’t Get Confused with fake Company Email Address, Fake Company Name, and Fake Websites.

2. Fake Email Address:

Very often the Scammer uses a fake similar looking email address to trick people.

Take an Example, The real email address of CYBER EXPO official is and,

So scammer may send you to email using an email address like this –

So be careful while receiving any job-related email.

If you are not sure the email address is genuine or not try to visit the company websites address or call them and verify the email address.

3. Fake Company Name:

A lot of scammers creates fake Company which Sound similar to the Real company. Such as “Placement India” is the real company name, and scammer may use Placement media and trick you.

Fake Websites: Most of the scam happen with a fake website, now a day’s web hosting and domain registration are so cheap that Jobs scammer creates dozens of fake websites and making fraud by taking hug registration fees from India people.

Few Example of Fake Jobs on the Internet:

What to Do if you Lost money in a Fake Online Jobs?

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How to Know an Online home jobs scam or not?

One of biggest scam of India is Work from Home Jobs, believe me, or not, since 2005 people are paying money for getting jobs that can be worked from home. But Work from home is noting but a scam scheme in India. Yes, There is few websites like ClixSense, CYER EXPO, Google Consumer survey Still offer legitimate Work from jobs, but most of the people are no so lucky to find them.

Unless you know the tips and tricks to determined Online home jobs scam or not! Don’t Join any WORK FROM HOME SCHEME!

Real Work from Home Websites Number Asked Money:

Keep this thing into your mind that real online Work from home jobs never asked any registration fees or upfront security money.

If anyone asking, then it’s a 100% scam.

Check Websites Age:

A lot of Housewife finds scam work from home jobs and pay them money blindly.

So, next time when you searching for any work from home jobs make sure you have checked the age of the website.

A genuine work from home jobs websites age always 3-10 years.

Our research said, almost 95 of 100 scam websites age are between 5 days to 1 year. So, keep a distance from them.

 Don’t get fools with ISO and Private limited Registration:

In order to win trust and faith, Work from Home Scammer use Fake ISO certificate and some time they put MCA (Ministry of Corporate affairs logo) into there website.

Does it make any sense? A company register with MCA does not mean its genuine. You know what its take only 15 those to register a company online. Surprisal MCA websites display the name also while you search.

Fake payment Proof:

Another trick uses fake job websites is to upload fake payment proof. Most of them are cheque payment scanned copy and off Couse, they have no balance into their account.

How to Know a Full Time/Part time Jobs Scam or Not?

Another Jobs scam often happens in India is getting Jobs of MNC or Company by paying money.

A lot of fake job consultancy involve in this crime. They assure you to provide jobs at the top company and at the end, you lost your money.

Here is few Safety Guide for Full time or Part Time Jobs Seeker:

Never Share your bank account to the Stanger.

Always say no for Pre-Training fees.

Take care while searching for jobs abroad. The scammer may charge you for fulfilling the formalities.

Don’t get into the trap of Assure placement and paid training before the job.

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Know a government Jobs Scam or not?

No to mention, now a day a lot of agent and political head asking money by assuring Government jobs. Don’t get fool with them.

That’s it! Since Internet Jobs & employment Scam is a vast topic so we may miss a lot of points.

But our comment section is open for you! If you have any doubts, please comment below.


Few Example of Online Jobs/ Work from Home/Part Time Jobs Scam in India?

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