Genuine Ad Posting Jobs Without Investment Daily Payment (Govt Approved)

We all want to earn money online without investment whether it’s For Passion or for Extra income. Ad Posting Jobs Without Investment are one of the popular ways to get paid for posting classified ads. There are dozens of websites in India offer online ad posting jobs, but most of them are not famous for not making payment on time, and on the other hand, you have to invest a big amount of nonrefundable registrations fees which is very risky!

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So, What is heck?

Here come top 5 legitimate Ad Posting Jobs in India without investment-

  1. CYBER EXPO Ad Posting Jobs Without Investment.
  2. Amazon/eBay / Flipcut affiliate program posting jobs.
  3. Google Ad Posting jobs without investment.
  4. Get paid to Post Ads in Fivver.
  5. Your own Ad Posting Services.
  6. PTC Sites Ad Posting Jobs.
  7. CYBER EXPO Ad Posting Jobs Without Investment.
  8. CYBER EXPO Ad Posting Jobs Without Investment.

1. CYBER EXPO Ad Posting Jobs Without Investment:


Join CYBER EXPO, India’s No-1 Online Jobs Provider in India now offer Google Ad posting jobs without any investment or registration fees.

  1. You can work for 2 years as a trail.
  2. Daily Work daily payment up to Rs-500.00 – 1500.00
  3. Unlimited Posting allows in daily payment plans.
  4. BPO & Business plan available for bulk Projects without registrations fees.
  5. CYBER EXPO is ISO 9001:2008 Certified company.
  6. Risk-Free Court Paper agreement with each new registrations.
  7. Rates Per ad posting will be Rs-4.00 to Rs-10.00
  8. Free Automatic ad posting software and ad posting tools for newbies.
  9. You can work both Full time or Part time.

Send an email to for CYBER EXPO Payment Proof.

Demo Jobs:

Earning Potential:

CYBER EXPO- currently offer Rs-4.00 to Rs-10.00 On per Ad Posting. On the other hand, you will be provided free ad posting software and classified websites list for Free. Let’s figure out the what would be your earning working as full time or part time in CYBER EXPO.

Full Time Ad Posting Jobs: (3-4 Hours): Rs-4,000-6,000

Part Time Ad Posting Jobs: (6-8 Hours): Rs-8,000-25,000

However, Classified Ad Posting work is nothing but a freelancer work, So your earning depend on how much-classified ads you have posted daily.

Now, Let’s talk about payment method:

All the payment will credit daily, weekly or monthly to your registered bank account through NEFT/RTGS.

While filling the application form take special care to submit correct bank account details.

Daily Payment Plans and Pricing:

[easy-pricing-table id=”1227″]

Weekly Payment Plans and Pricing:

[easy-pricing-table id=”2166″]

Monthly Payment Plans and Pricing:

[easy-pricing-table id=”1214″]

Registration Process:

Registration is very simple in CYBER EXPO.

First thing First, Fill out this application form for online ad posting jobs. Once you fill out the application form. You will receive an email update to your registered email address.

Now check your email and complete all task as per instruction.

Now team CYBER EXPO will activate your account within next 3 working days.

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2. Amazon/eBay / Flipkart affiliate program posting jobs.

We all know that Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart are on trending on Indian shopping market. All the products are affordable and genuine. So why not take this opportunity to the next level and sing up for the associate program.

Once you sing up with any associate program like Amazon you can able to promote their products with a small commission.

Now share your associate program affiliate links by posting classified ads to the top 100 classified sites, also you can make money posting ads on facebook or twitter.

Now let’s talk about earning,

If you post your Amazon affiliate to top 100 classified sites: 100 Ads X 30 days X 50 view daily= 150000 views in a month, So can earn money up to 5K-8K

For 1000 classified ads posting you will earn: 1000 Ads X 30 days X 25 view daily=200000  view in a month, So can earn money up to 50K-80K

Note: Sing up for Amazon form filling jobs 36K/Monthly Earning.

 3. Google Ad Posting jobs without investment.

So what does it means Google Ad Posting Jobs? Let me clear that Google does not have any ad posting jobs to do. Here those ad posting jobs are earning money from Google Adsense, and make payment their member from Adsense income! is called google ad posting jobs.

However, Google ad posting work is the easiest ad posting job and CYBER EXPO is the highest payout ad posting job company who offer this jobs.

Now let’s talk about earning money from Google ad sense ad posting jobs-

If you post on top 100 classified sites: 100 Ads X 30 days X 50 view daily= 150000 views in a month, So can earn money to 7K-11K

For 1000 classified ads posting you will earn: 1000 Ads X 30 days X 25 view daily=200000  view in a month, So can earn money up to 50K-80K

4. Get paid to Post Ads in Fiverr:


If you want to work on Saturday and Sunday or only in evening then you can get ad posting jobs with a daily payment in Fiverr.

Fiverr is the most people freelance service marketplace where you will get paid doing anything. The work process is very simple, first of all, sing up in Fiverr and create a free account over here.

Now create your first gigs that you want to sell classified ads posting service.

The title should look like this-

“I will post your classified ads in top 50 classified sites (Rates $5)”

“I will post your classified ads in top 100 classified sites (Rates $10)”

Now you will start receiving orders from your Fiverr account. Awesome right! Now complete the work and once you deliver your account you will start making money from Fiverr classified ads service.


5. Your own Ad Posting Services:

Why not become your own boss while doing online Jobs in India! It’s a free of cost and does not require any registration fees.

Post 10 ads into top 10 classified sites that you are going to work as a freelancer and post people ads as per requirement.

Soon your start receiving small and bulk classified listing service order.

Negotiate the pricing and start doing work for them.

This way you will earn up to Rs-6.00 on per ads posting. But make sure you are talking 50% of the whole amount in advance, to take this thing next level you can start small websites with deferent plans and pricing of your ad posting service. Next time when you post your ads on classified sites link your websites address too. This way a buyer will trust you more and get all the pre-sells query directly from your websites. Alos its help you to increase the sells of your freelance classified service significantly.

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6. PTC Sites/Clixsense Ad Posting Jobs:

Clixsense is now one of the most popular online survey websites in 2017. The cool thing about ClixSense is you can refer people in ClixSense and gain satisfying commission into your Payoneer account-

Here are the overviews-

$2.00 commission on first $5.00 earned from their new affiliate.
$0.30 signup commission on new active affiliates in top-tier countries.
$0.10 signup commission on new active affiliates in other countries.

So how to work in Clixsense Ad Posting Jobs?

First of all, Sing up  Clixsense from here.

Now go to your affiliate account and short the URL using Google URL shortener.

Now post ads on classified sites about earning money doing online survey jobs. Make sure you have added the shorted ClixSense affiliate URL into your listing. Now once people start clicking your Ads and sing up into ClixSense you will see you’re earning into your ClixSense account.

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